Performance Testing

The Future of api Test automation



API Performance Testing

API Performance Testing

Performance Testing - Running tests with a high load
Real-World Project - Framework Design - a High-performance tool designed for running tests with high load. – CI/CD with GIT – Projects that can be directly added inside Resume - Postman - Pipeline
Building Blocks of Training
  1. Continuous Integration with Git
  2. Basics of Postman, Visual Studio Code, Git, JavaScript
  3. Real-World Industry Projects that can be directly added inside resume
  4. High-performance tool designed for running tests with high load.
  5. Integration testing (XHR / API / REST) with real-time examples
  6. Design Test Approaches/ Framework/ Requirements/ Test Cases
  7. Learn how to Think!
  8. 100s of examples
  9.  InfluxDB + Grafana, Loadimpact
General Highlights of Training
  1. One to one private Training or on Demand Training with a limited number of Students (Max 5)
  2. Training will be provided only online through Skype or alternative medium
  3. The option of face to face Training only at Pune (Tutor’s Home) (home-based friendly training) on Weekend
  4. Training will be provided until we feel that you can independently do the performance testing
  5. Training Language will be English. Depending upon comfort zone of Student Hindi and Marathi will be used if required
For Students/ Colleges
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Training Content
  1. Install and configure Git for use.Use Git to manage files using CLI commands . Create, Clone and manage repositories. Reviewing audit trails . Perform Branching, Merging and Rebasing. Prevent and resolve merge conflicts. Understand common Git workflows. Perform basic troubleshooting of Git. Continuous Integration with Git
  2. Making performance testing a productive and enjoyable experience.
  3. Performance testing catches performance regressions and problems earlier. It will help you to build resilient systems and robust applications.
  4. Write and maintain better performance tests.
  5. High-performance tool designed for running tests with high load.
  6. Continuously monitor the performance of your production environment.
  7. Generate Reports 
  8. Detect Performance Defects
We will enhance this training course regularly to cover more examples and real-time projects.
Summary - Learn the future of performance testing and automate Performance & Load Testing of API and micro-services using open-source tool K6.
  • Open Source - K6 is an open-source load testing tool built for developers and testers' happiness. It has over 1 million installations.
  • Notifications - Pass/Fail behavior for easy automation and integration into CI pipelines, Gitlab
  • Developer centric load testing - Everyone loves fast apps, APIs and websites. K6 helps you to automate Load tests that simulate real-world users as closely as possible.
  • Goal-based load testing - You will be able to automate test which covers performance and functional goals like what level is a response time not acceptable, and/or what is an acceptable failure rate
  • Store and Visualize Performance Test Results -  K6 can output its test result data to different sources like JSON file, Grafana
  • IntelliSense - Get code auto-completion and in-context documentation.
  • Visual Studio Code Extension - Execute VS Code commands to run a k6 test of your current file.
  • Performance Monitoring - Performance monitoring of your APIs and micro-services in production.
  • Load Testing - Quickly build test cases to validate the performance of your APIs or micro-services. Validate that your system can handle the expected volume of traffic, and catch critical performance regressions in CI before they reach production.
  • Automated testing - Automate your performance tests. Get Pass/Fail behavior on performance goals.
  • Write tests in Javascript code - Full scripting language to write realistic load tests. Reuse modules and Javascript libraries to build and maintain a performance test suite.
  • Scaled to the cloud - Designed to use the same test in a local or cloud environment.
  • k6 Cloud - Speed-up performance testing and Avoid managing your own infrastructure.
  • GUI test builder - Record your tests using the browser extension
  • Run cloud tests - Scale tests in the cloud up to 100k concurrent virtual users and Generate load from 16 geographic locations
  • Test Scheduling - Schedule and run tests from the web app, CLI, and CI pipelines
  • Analyze test results - Filter your test results by location, period, and tags. Get a convenient overview of your test results.
  • Be a performance expert - Compare performance results between tests. Get automatic analysis and recommendations that quickly pinpoint performance issues. Get alert about your performance tests.
Are you still stuck with JMeter? Then, learn GUI and Code-based testing with JavaScript and Upgrade to K6 & K6 Cloud for better developer experience.
K6 is used by Amazon, Microsoft, Grafana, Gitlab, Citrix, etc. Backed by 20 years of experience.
Course Curriculum Summary
  1. Promotion Video Walkthrough
  2. Understand the Basics of K6
  3. Understand API Performance Testing
  4. Design and execute Sample Test Script
  5. Running K6 with 100S of virtual users
  6. Ramp-up and Ramp-down Users
  7. Checks, Asserts and Design Error Rate and Failure Rate
  8. Write HTTP Requests and parse responses
  9. Understand Built-in Metrics, Counter, Trend, Retry Mechanism
  10. Design Threshold on Checks to pass/fail load test
  11. Test Life Cycle, SetUp, TearDown, Main Function
  12. Fixed RPS with Example
  13. InfluxDB, Grafana, Design Dashboard
  14. K6, InfluxDB, Grafana on Amazon EC2
  15. Understand Load-impact to design and execute scripts on Cloud from the various geographic location
  16. Define tags and groups for better filtering
  17. Performance Test Framework design using Postman to K6 Converter
  18. Real-time project and Automated Performance Testing Framework Design
  19. Understand Virtual Users, Runners, Debugging Scripts
1. Write your load test
Use the k6 Javascript API to write simple and realistic load test.
export let options = {
  thresholds: {
    "http_req_duration": ["p(90)<300"],
    "failed requests": ["rate<0.15"],
2. Define Pass and Fail criteria for performance tests
- 95th percentile response time must be below 1s.
- Less than 0.15% request errors.
3. Execute the test. Verify Pass/ Fail behaviour.
Test many load configurations to ensure your performance goals in multiple situations.
Running the test (50VUs, 2m), please wait...
Test Run Successful
Total thresholds: 2.  Passed: 2.  Failed: 0.
4. Automate your performance and load tests
Run your tests frequently to be confident in your system's performance.
Schedule your test execution and integrate your tests into CI pipelines.
Performance test Execution Run 1
Checkout API. 2 of 4 thresholds failed.
Performance test Execution Run 2
Checkout API. 4 of 4 thresholds passed.
5. Receive alerts on performance regressions
Configure your notifications and get alerts if any change breaks your performance goals.
6. Visualize Test Results
Host Grafana and share with stakeholders to view live test execution and test metrics
Copying Down

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5.    Very good headset with mike
6.    Windows/ MAC Computer
7.    Download and Install Visual Studio Code
8.    Download and Install Node
9.    Download and Install Git Bash


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