Cypress Training

The Future of Test automation





Cypress – The Future of Test Automation
Real-World Project - Framework Design - API Testing – UI Automation – CI/CD with GIT – Projects that can be directly added inside Resume - Postman - Pipeline
Building Blocks of Training
  1. Continuous Integration with Git
  2. Basics of Postman, Visual Studio Code, Git, JavaScript
  3. Real-World Industry Projects that can be directly added inside resume
  4. Front end Web testing
  5. Integration testing (XHR / API / REST) with real-time examples
  6. Design Test Approaches/ Framework/ Requirements/ Test Cases
  7. Learn how to Think!
  8. 100s of examples
General Highlights of Training
  1. One to one private Training or on Demand Training with a limited number of Students (Max 5)
  2. Training will be provided only online through Skype or alternative medium
  3. The option of face to face Training only at Pune (Tutor’s Home) (home-based friendly training) on Weekend
  4. Training will be provided until we feel that you can independently automate any front end or API
  5. Training Language will be English. Depending upon comfort zone of Student Hindi and Marathi will be used if required
For Students/ Colleges
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Training Content
  1. Install and configure Git for use.Use Git to manage files using CLI commands . Create, Clone and manage repositories . Reviewing audit trails . Perform Branching, Merging and Rebasing. Prevent and resolve merge conflicts. Understand common Git workflows. Perform basic troubleshooting of Git. Continuous Integration with Git
  2. Basics of Postman
  3. Introduction to Cypress
  4. Cypress Architecture
  5. Cypress Installation & Project Setup
  6. Cypress Test Runner features
  7. Command-line arguments for Cypress
  8. Cypress Basic Commands for Automation
  9. Cypress & Jquery combination
  10. UI Automation
  11. XHR Testing
  12. Handling Popups, Alerts using Cypress
  13. Handling Child windows and Frames with Cypress
  14. Cypress Assertions in detail
  15. Cypress Framework Best Practises
  16. Cypress Fixtures
  17. Custom commands
  18. Design pattern with Cypress tests
  19. Data-Driven Tests
  20. Configuration properties and environmental variables discussion
  21. Cypress Dashboard features with video recording and Screenshots
  22. Building npm scripts and Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins
  23. Mocking API calls with Cypress Route commands
  24. Javascript Basics
Copying Down

Make sure to complete below before training starts

Please Contact Us in case of any Issues

1.    You need high-speed internet connectivity to join live sessions
3.    Please open an account on Skype
4.    Please open an account on
5.    Very good headset with mike
6.    Windows/ MAC Computer
7.    Download and Install Visual Studio Code
8.    Download and Install Node
9.    Download and Install Git Bash

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Free Services with Cypress Training

Fun at Learn

  1. Free Interview Simulation

  2. Free Resume Builder

  3. Free Career Counseling

  4. Free Lifetime Support and Knowledge Sharing

  5. Notes & HTML5 Presentation if applicable

  6. Add Projects inside Resume  if applicable

  7. Real-World Projects if applicable

  8. Certificate of Achievements

  9. Your own website with Profile without domain

  10. Private Training Sessions

  11. Personal 1:1 Video Calls and Counselling

  12. You will be added to our WhatsApp Group

  13. 24*7 Support on WhatsApp and Email

  14. Always Available